Zirconia & Porcelain Crown Special


The strong and lifelike appearance of our zirconia crowns is the perfect replacement for a broken or chipped tooth. These crowns are cut from high quality blocks of zirconia by a digital milling process that ensures the most accurate fit and seal. We’re so confident in these crowns that they are covered by our lifetime guarantee. (see details)

Currently while conditions permit, we’re offering these crowns at a super special price as shown in the price table below. The USD price is for payments made in US dollars in cash.

We are also including Veneers in this special offer in the event that your case would involve a combination of crowns and veneers.

The crown special applies from July to September. This offer could be changed or discontinued ay any time.

If you’re planning on taking advantage of this offer, but booking a little ways in the future, please make sure to mention this offer when booking.