Diagnostic Services

For most situations, a regular checkup, or dental exam is all that is needed for your diagnosis. However, if you’re in a situation where you need a solution that goes beyond a few crowns or fillings, and you’re considering replacing missing teeth with implants, then you need diagnostics that suit your needs. At Dentoamerica we offer a full range of diagnostic services including high quality digital panoramic images, and full 3-Dimensional images designed for guiding implant surgery or planning other complex operations.


3D Views and Image Slices

The many different views that a 3D xray allows us to view means we can calculate before surgery how implants will fit, if they are possible, and where to avoid trouble spots. With these tools, we can calculate bone density, proximity to nerve canals, dimensions, and even virtually place an implant prior to beginning the actual surgery.

Performing a 3D xray diagnostic prior to the surgical phase of placing an implant help you to avoid failed implants and dangerous situations where nerve damage could occur.

Panoramic X-rays

Our panoramic Xray goes beyond the typical xray printed on a plastic film. With the digital xray format, dentists can now zoom in on specific areas of the image, and enhance images for a closer look.

Panoramic X-Rays are ideal for orthodontic planning, identifying positions of wisdom teeth, infection diagnosis, or even just a quick overview of your dental health.

Diagnostic Imaging Pricing

Here are the basic prices for diagnostic imaging. Click the item in the list for more information.