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All on 4

Patented full arch restoration by Nobel Biocare

Certified by Nobel in full arch restorations using the All on 4 concept.

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10 Stations to serve you. From hygiene to surgery and full 3 dimensional dental imaging.

Your dentist in Puerto Vallarta

Dentoamerica is your best choice for dental care in the Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta and Bucerias area. Our clinic offers 10 modern dental stations to serve you including specialized operatories for implants, root canals, and even 3 dimensional x-ray services. While choosing a dentist in Puerto Vallarta we feel it’s important to focus on quality and value. Our mission is to help you discover that while you may choose us for our excellent value, you will come back for the quality of workmanship and service.

Personal attention is our key to success, and you will discover that commitment to quality is the goal of every dentist and specialist at Dentoamerica. You will feel ‘at home’ here as our equipment, and standards are modern and up to date. We employ the latest technology from the very first step in the process which may be the clinical diagnostic to the preparation of precision milled zirconia crowns, high quality Emax crowns, and Gold Crowns. With respect to materials, our focus on buying only the best materials for cosmetic and restorative work means you will receive the same quality cements, and bonding materials that are available in the USA and Canada.

Satisfying Experience

As a patient of Dentoamerica, we promise to take a personal interest in your needs, and do what’s best for you. Our focus is on arranging for you to receive what is best for you, and logical from a long term perspective. By basing treatment plans on what makes sense both economically, and from an overall dental health point of view, we will help you reach your goals.

Our pricing is based on our local economy. This means that our price to tourists is the same as local residents. It’s our promise to be competitive, while not cutting corners on quality in any sense whatsoever. We’re confident that your best value for a dentist in Puerto Vallarta is found at Dentoamerica, in Nuevo Vallarta – inside the Plaza Lago Real.

Why choose Dentoamerica?


We will use the highest quality materials and laboratory work at an efficient pace. Don't be disappointed by the high-speed and low quality results. High quality takes time, we promise to give you both.


Dentoamerica offers great depth of experience in all fields of dentistry, with specialists in implants, root canals, periodontal work, and orthodontics. When you need a dentist in Puerto Vallarta, our team will deliver quality results.


We are confident Dentoamerica is your best value for high quality dental care when choosing a dentist in Puerto Vallarta. Quality may come with a price, but it doesn't have to be a high one!


We value your reservation, and offer a guaranteed booking option for larger restoration planning. Click the icon for more details.

Treatments Available

Dental Crowns


We’re dedicated on making your dental restorations the best they can possibly be. We offer a variety of crown and bridge types, and guarantee the quality of the crown or bridge for 2 full years.


Swiss made Nobel and Straumann implants are the highest quality of implants available. We offer more “in stock” options for implants than any other dentist in Puerto Vallarta. Our 3D Xray equipment is also in house, which will save you both time, and money with our special offer.

Root Canals

Dentoamerica offers the only certified micro-endodontist in Puerto Vallarta. While this may not be easily understood, it’s important when it comes to rescuing a tooth when in a situation of infection, or deterioration from other root related situations.


Show off your pearly whites by removing years of stains caused by coffee, tea, smoking etc. We perform an extensive clean, polish, and whiten procedure that will leave you sparkling.

These are some of the more popular treatments requested. We offer an entire range of treatments from the basic dental care you seek as a family dentist in Puerto Vallarta, to advanced restorative procedures such as implants and full mouth restorations.

Patient Testimonials

These are a few of the testimonials posted online through independantly controlled websites such as Trip Advisor, Google Maps, Facebook, etc.

Verified Whatclinic Review
find your dentist in Puerto Vallarta

Karen H – Delta BC, Canada I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Dentoamerica! I had my front two teeth replaced with crowns and my natural teeth whitened. I have had so many compliments! The reason I had them done is in the past I had a root canal done on one of my front teeth and the color changed. I went to a dentist in Canada who then put a veneer on but the veneer was cracked and basically it was bigger than the tooth next to it.. so I looked funny. The crack soaked up the red wine and coffee. See my below review of this clinic because this is where their service goes above and beyond!

My review of the clinic:
1. I am certain I tortured Kirk (the owner) with questions leading up to my vacation and he responded to all of them happily and made me feel I was the only patient in the world.
2. I wanted somewhere between 6 and 16 crowns (I thought it would look better) but the dentist, Mireya Muñoz and Kirk couldn’t figure out why I would want to crown perfectly healthy (and white teeth with the help of laser whitening) so we decided to only do the front upper 2 and whiten the rest.. it turned out amazing!
3. Then I wanted a whitening tray.. it was ready the next day and Kirk had it delivered to my hotel.. not even 24 hours had passed!
4. Let me just add that I went in on Monday, Dr. Munoz made me temporary teeth that looked better than the ones I had walked in there with that morning and I had my crowns on by Friday! She was so nice and knew what she was doing.
5. I had my teeth whitened by Daniela Venegas and I was expecting it to hurt and it didn’t at all.. infact, it was all I could not to fall asleep.. she even offered to get me a pillow… I wish I had said yes so if any of you are reading this and want whitening, say yes to the pillow 🙂 She too knows what she is doing!

Not only did they save me a bunch of money but they did a wonderful job.. most places I researched said it would take 10-14 days to get the crowns back. Here was only 4 days! And they seemed to genuinely care about me. The office is so clean and updated. It’s in a mall so shopping was convenient too.

Karen H

Delta BC, Canada - Nov 21, 2016

Verified Google+ Review

Michael B – San Francisco I’ve been a client of DentoAmerica for about 5 years now. It started when I found out I needed a root canal and crown just before moving down to Puerto Vallarta. The cost difference between my California dentist and what DentoAmerica quoted me was so extreme, I decided to wait to have the work done til after we moved down. I am so glad I did! My root canal was very complicated because of a root that had a 45 degree angle and I had more discomfort than usual. It took 2 appointments to get the root canal done and then a third for the crown. Did they charge me extra? Nope. I spend a lot of time in the US, but I schedule all my dental work for when I am in PV. I will not go anywhere else. Even though I am near Los Muertos beach and there are other good dentists much closer to me, I continue to make the drive up to see Kirk and Dr. Mireya.

Michael B

San Francisco

Verified Whatclinic Review
find your dentist in Puerto Vallarta

John Vernon – Texas My current plant of treatment was for one new and two replacement crowns at a cost of $3500. The dentist set down and did an exam and came up with her treatment plan which was a root canal, 2 crowns and a filling for $980. The difference paid for my trip.

Was not sure about this until I visited the office which was as nice as my local doctor. No regrets will be back for a check up and whiting on my next trip.

John Vernon

Texas - Jun 15, 2016

Verified Whatclinic Review
find your dentist in Puerto Vallarta

Tina – BC Canada My treatment included x-rays, impressions, gum surgery, four zirconia crowns, a small filling, cleaning, and whitening. Total cost: a little less than $2000.00 Cdn. Here in BC my dentist quoted $1200 per crown.

Overall, a very positive experience. I am completely happy with the work done – very caring, professional staff, state-of-the-art equipment, very pleasant atmosphere – and excellent specialists. Thank you, Dr. Mahogamy and Dr. Mireya for your top-of-the-line work. I loved the personalized service here.

After doing a lot of research, I chose this particular clinic because of other excellent reviews, and the fact that is very convenient to all the resorts in Nuevo Vallarta. Seventy pesos each way will take you to and from the Marival.

The clinic is located in the Nuevo Walmart Mall, so there’s something to do for anyone waiting while work is being done. The waiting room is very modern and pleasant, with comfy sofas and a big TV screen.
Overall, highly recommended.


BC, Canada - Feb 09, 2016

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