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Looking for a Dentist in Puerto Vallarta / Nuevo Vallarta / Bucerias ?

Dentoamerica is your best choice for dental care in the Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta and Bucerias area. Our clinic offers 12 modern dental stations to serve you including specialized operatories for implants, root canals, and even a station with 3 dimensional x-ray services. While choosing a dentist in Puerto Vallarta we feel it’s important to focus on quality and value. Our mission is to help you discover that while you may choose us for our excellent value, you will come back for the quality of workmanship and service.

Personal attention is our key to success, and you will discover that commitment to quality is the goal of every dentist and specialist at Dentoamerica. You will feel ‘at home’ here as our equipment, and standards are modern and up to date. We employ the latest technology from the very first step in the process which may be the clinical diagnostic to the preparation of precision milled zirconia crowns, high quality Emax crowns, and Gold Crowns. With respect to materials, our focus on buying only the best materials for cosmetic and restorative work means you will receive the same quality cements, and bonding materials that are available in the USA and Canada.


A Satisfying Experience

As a patient of Dentoamerica, we promise to take a personal interest in your needs, and do what’s best for you. Our focus is on arranging for you to receive what is best for you, and logical from a long term perspective. By basing treatment plans on what makes sense both economically, and from an overall dental health point of view, we will help you reach your goals. Our pricing is based on our local economy. This means that our price to tourists is the same as local residents. It’s our promise to be competitive, while not cutting corners on quality in any sense whatsoever. We’re confident that your best value for a dentist in Puerto Vallarta is found at Dentoamerica, in Nuevo Vallarta – inside the Plaza Lago Real shopping mall.

Why choose Dentoamerica?


We will use the highest quality materials and laboratory work at an efficient pace. Don’t be disappointed by the high-speed and low quality results. High quality takes time, we promise to give you both.


Dentoamerica offers great depth of experience in all fields of dentistry, with specialists in implants, root canals, periodontal work, and orthodontics. When you need a dentist in Puerto Vallarta, our team will deliver quality results.


We are confident Dentoamerica is your best value for high quality dental care when choosing a dentist in Puerto Vallarta. Quality may come with a price, but it doesn’t have to be a high one!


We value your reservation, and offer a guaranteed booking option for larger restoration planning.

Watch a video with some of the technology we use on a daily basis for your dental treatments.