Implant Supported Dentures

There are several ways to mount a denture with implants so that it can be removable. This image shows 4 implants placed, however this procedure can be done with 2 or 3 as well.

One advantage of this type of implant supported denture is that the denture is removed frequently for cleaning, and maintenance is easier than with a fixed type solution. Another advantage is the cost factor, with simpler attachment hardware, and less laboratory work to complete, the costs are significantly lower with this type of denture.

The positioning and number of the implants can vary. In some cases, it’s possible, and desired to have the stability of 4 implants. In other cases, there may be reasons why only 2 or 3 are posible, and this reduces both the stability, and the cost of the overall project accordingly.

To determine how many implants you would need, it’s important to perform a diagnostic step to determine how the denture will fit, and how many implants would be wise to plan for.

Proper Case Planning


Prior to performing this procedure, it’s critical to be able to perform a high definition scan of the areas where the implants will go.

The tomography images we can take right here at the clinic allow us to measure bone density, volume, and determine where you could have implants placed, and what options are available to you.


The pricing is shown for three possible implant setups. The number of implants chosen will depend on your choice, as well as the diagnosis as to whether you’re a candidate for the desired option.

We’ve shown an option for a temporary denture if you don’t already have one in use. The use of your denture, or a new temporary denture is required because the implants must be allowed to integrate into your bone before they are exposed to load from being attached to your dentures.

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