What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a prosthetic replacement of a missing tooth. There are many different applications that are possible for dental implants, and depending on your situation, you may benefit from having this procedure if you are a valid candidate.

Dental Implant Illustration

When a tooth has been lost for whatever reason, there are several options possible to replace that missing tooth. We will consider here the option of placing a dental implant into the missing space. In this image you can see that tooth 34 (FDI) or 21 (USA) has been replaced with an implant, abutment, and crown.

The visible part, the crown, is crafted to look as much as possible like the neighboring teeth. Visibly, the idea is to provide the appearance that there is no difference between the implanted tooth, and natural teeth.

There are many different implants available, and they vary in quality, availability, and guarantee. At Dentoamerica we only provide implants of top quality because like you, we want the assurances that come with top level, international implant providers.

STRAUMANN IMPLANTS Swiss made implants by straumann are considered to be the highest quality level of implant available. Being available worldwide provides peace of mind for completion and service. Within the Straumann line of implants, there are varying levels as well. We carry the premium BLT and BLX implants. The application of which implant is right for you is of course determined by performing proper analysis of the bone and gum condition. The surgical and prosthetic phases of this implant include the use of only Genuine Straumann quality materials.


Neodent implants are a premium implant brand that has reached #1 in Latin America. The fact that they are owned by Straumann gives Neodent an attractive position in the market because of cost factors combined with the backing of the world leader in implants.

We carry several models of the Neodent line of implants, and can determine if this model is appropriate for your situation. It’s price tends to be just a little bit less than the Roxolid line of implants from Straumann.



Nobel implants are made in USA, Sweden, and Japan and adhere to the highest quality standards in the market today. With innovative options for single, multiple, and even full arch replacements, Nobel Biocare is one of the world leaders in implant technology. We carry the Nobel Active, Replace, and other models on special order by situational requirements.

Nobel Implants are a premium option for those seeking the highest quality implant available. The suitability of a Nobel Implant for your situation will be determined by a proper analysis of your periodontal condition and situation.

The regular price shown beside these implants is what normally is charged here in Puerto Vallarta for the surgical placement of the implant.

It’s very important to note that there are many different implant brands on the market, and also, many models within each brand. Simply comparing the “price of an implant” from one place to another is not an apples-to-apples comparison unless also comparing the brand, and subtype of the implant.

If making a comparison, ensure that it’s a comparison between premium brands like Straumann, Neodent, and Nobel , and not economy, or entry level implants.

Note that the second phase of the implant for the abutment and crown is not charged when doing the implant surgery. See the link below for the abutment and crown pricing.

Implant Abutment and Crown

The crown and abutment form the part of the implant that is above the gumline. This phase is usually performed a few months after the initial implant surgery. Pricing of this phase will depend on a few factors, whether gum reshaping is required, or other procedures.


In order to properly place an implant, you have to properly plan an implant. This includes a 3D tomography in order to review the bone condition, volume, and dimensions. We have the equipment on-site to be able to perform this analysis for you prior to surgery to avoid disappointment that comes from a lack of planning.