Implant Pricing

Implant Pricing

Dentoamerica offers you a wide variety of brands, and sub-types of implants. When considering surgical factors such as density, volume, and positioning, some implant designs are favored over others. Therefore, to make things as simple as possible, we offer several brands, and types. Further, we can show you within each brand their available options for replacing missing teeth with implants.

We’ve done the research to choose high quality, authentic implants that carry a lifetime warranty. As a result, we do not carry cheaper options because the sacrifice of quality is not worth the savings.

Click on the title/brand for specific information on the models available within the brand.

Titanium Implants RegularSpecial
Neodent USD$945$850
Nobel Biocare USD$1,025$865
Straumann USD$1,100$895
These specials apply to payments made with Visa, Mastercard, or cash. (cash carries no additional discount on these specials)
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The price shown here includes the implant, and surgical placement. A good 3D CT Scan is required for proper implant planning. Rather than paying high prices for CT Scans at hospitals, take advantage of our in house 3D equipment. Here is a special offer for your 3D CT Scan.

After the initial placement of the implant, allow a healing or integration period. Generally this period is from 3 to 6 months, depending on factors considered during the surgery. While that time frame is considered the minimum, it’s usually ok for more time as well.

For a limited time, Straumann Implants are available at a deep discount due to a large inventory purchase. The discount is available while supplies last.

Abutment and Crown

Completion of the implant requires a special post we attach to the implant. Then, we create a crown that together with the abutment attaches to the implant. For a high quality result, allow for about 10 days for this phase. The specialist will discuss these details with you to ensure your second phase is well planned.

Treatment PesosUSD
Neodent Abutment & Crown$18500 $950
Straumann/Nobel Abutment & Crown$18500 $950
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Abutment accessory prices vary between brands, therefore the price for the lab work, and materials to complete the implant can also vary.

Straumann Implants

Straumann is the world leader in dental implants. Specialists in Canada, USA, and worldwide trust Straumann because of their extremely high quality and precision. Therefore, we are also pleased to offer the high quality available with the Straumann line of implants.

While standard plus, and bone level implants are excellent choices, we prefer to use the Roxolid SLActive implant with a tapered design where it applies. Most importantly, the specialist will consider with you which implant is best for your tooth restoration.

For more information, also visit the Straumann website.

straumann roxolid implantstraumann roxolid implantstraumann roxolid implant
Decision Factors

Deciding which implant brand is right for you is not only about price, or who makes the best implant. While those points are part of the decision, other factors are also important such as:

  • Compatibility with the specific position of the implant and it’s surrounding bone condition
  • Size relative to desired implant site
  • Service where the patient lives
  • Match issues with previous implants

Neodent Implants

Implants by Neodent are a fine choice for both the posterior, and anterior regions. Neodent provides a quality implant option at a competitive price while still offering a lifetime warranty on the implant. Neodent is now fully owned by swiss implant maker Straumann. With several implant lines now available here in Mexico, Neodent offers excellent coverage, quality, and confidence in serviceability.

For more info, also visit the Neodent website.

Neodent CM DriveNeodent by Straumannaffordable innovation

Currency Information

Currency values fluctuate constantly, as a result, advantages, and disadvantages between them change. Although pesos is the primary, and preferred method of payment in Mexico, we’re happy to accept US and CDN dollars. Due to the fact that the banks here do not offer very fair exchange rates, you will see the “buy” for the currency you wish to change is often well below true market value. You will find the best method to get pesos is through the ATM machines. Your bank handles the exchange rate, and so the overall result is usually in your favor. Finally, we prefer payments with Visa, Mastercard, and pesos in cash. We must clarify though, we accept US or Canadian Dollars at local market values.

Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare is a leading innovator of implant based dental restorations. With implant solutions like Active and Replace, Nobel Biocare is truly a world leader in implant technology. From single tooth restorations to life changing solutions like All on 4, Nobel innovates for what really matters.

For more information, also visit the website for Nobel Biocare.

Nobel Biocare ImplantsNobel ImplantsTapered Neck
Dental Diagnostics


We handle diagnostic services such as xrays, photos and also 3-Dimensional CT Scans. Prior to any treatment plan, accurate diagnosis is important.


High quality implants are our trademark. Read more about Nobel, Straumann and Neodent implants.