Root Canals

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is a procedure we would likely all probably like to avoid, however, when it’s necessary it’s also true that you want to have someone trained to do it. A specialist for root canals is called an endodontist and if you need to have this treatment performed, it’s best to have it done by a dentist who has also been trained in this special area.

To improve the situation even more, we have invested in having the most advanced equipment possible in this field. We are the only clinic in Puerto Vallarta equipped with both digital, and microscopic equipment to perform root canals with the highest precision possible. It’s a micro surgery, and having the equipment to be able to see at a microscopic level, is an advantage that can make the difference between keeping, and losing a tooth.

Root Canal Therapy

Basically, a root canal is a treatment to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth. The treatment starts by removing the damaged area of the tooth (the pulp), cleaning and disinfecting, and then filling and sealing the canals of the tooth root(s). Some of the common things that cause the need for a root canal are: a cracked tooth, a deep cavity, repeated dental treatment to the tooth or trauma to the tooth.

Root Canal using Microscope

Microscope Technology
Using a microscope allows our specialist to see the details of the inside of your tooth with much more precision. Dentoamerica is the only clinic with an endodondist certified in the practice of Microscope assisted endodontic therapy. The ability to view details that would be impossible otherwise ensures that you have the best possible treatment to your tooth.

Post Root Canal Filling

Filling Post Root Canal
In some cases you are fortunate enough to be able to only perform a filling after a root canal. This is for when the tooth is for the most part complete in it’s structure, and the integrity has not been compromised greatly. Over the years, a tooth that has been treated with root canal therapy can become brittle, so it’s important to be mindful of this, and take the next step when it’s necessary.
Read more about post-endodontic care at the american association of endodontics

Post Root Canal Crown

Crown after Root Canal
When more of the tooth’s structure has been compromised, it’s vital to protect what remains with a crown. A crown is a prosthetic cover for your tooth much like a “sleeve” or a “cap” that will cover the tooth, and protect it from breaking further.

Treatment PesosUSD
Root Canal - Simple$4750 $270
Root Canal - Premolar$5100 $290
Root Canal (Infected)$6300 $360
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Root Canal Treatment
Having your root canal performed by a specialist is important. Many dentists are “able” to perform a root canal treatment, but why risk having future issues such as infection, pain from residual nerve material, or other problems that could result in the extraction of the tooth? A trained endodontist is well worth the investment.

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Root Canals

Dentoamerica offers the only certified micro-endodontist in Puerto Vallarta. While this may not be easily understood, it’s important when it comes to saving a tooth when in a situation of infection, or deterioration from other root/nerve related issues.