Straumann Implant & Crown Special



Swiss made implants by straumann are considered to be the highest quality level of implant available. Being available worldwide provides peace of mind for completion and service. Within the Straumann line of implants, there are varying levels as well. We carry the premium BLT and BLX implants. The application of which implant is right for you is of course determined by performing proper analysis of the bone and gum condition.

The surgical and prosthetic phases of this implant include the use of only Genuine Straumann quality materials.

The regular price shown beside these implants is what normally is charged here in Puerto Vallarta for the surgical placement of the implant.

It’s very important to note that there are a great deal of implant brands on the market, and then, many models within each brand. Simply comparing the “price of an implant” from one place to another is not an apples-to-apples comparison unless also comparing the same exact implant.

For future reference, we are also showing the price of the abutment and crown that will be performed once the implant has fully integrated to your bone.

What are the Implant Phases?

The typical implant phases when there are no extenuating circumstances are:

1) Placement of the implant and allowing about 4-6 months for integration and

2) Placement of the abutment and crown over the implant.

Of course there can be exceptions because of special situations, gum issues, or unforeseen changes or obstacles to healing or integration, but the typical timeline from placement of implant to finishing is a 4-6 month period.