Periodontal Division

We expanded our clinic to include a full periodontal division in 2019. The demand for periodontal work has continually increased over the years, and the evolution of treatments now possible to improve your gum and bone health around the teeth has advanced greatly. We’re proud to have two of the best periodontists in all of Vallarta. Through continuous dedication to advancing in new technology and treatment options, we’re confident that even some of the toughest issues regarding bone loss and gum recessions or defects can be addressed with a positive outcome.

Dr. Karla Joya – Periodontal Specialist

Dr. Karla Lissete Sarmiento – Periodontal Specialist

Periodontal Cleanings


Periodontal Cleaning Prices

Here are a few of the simpler and more common periodontal cleaning treatments. You can click on the treatment title to get some more information about it.

Quadrant Cleanings

Periodontal Quadrant Cleanings

When pockets or other gum/bone defects are a little more involved, the scaling and cleaning procedure is also more advanced. Typically this is something that needs to be applied after a periodontal evaluation where it’s been decided which quadrants may require deep root planing, or as it’s referred to commonly, quadrant cleanings.