Neodent Implants

Neodent by Straumann

Neodent by Straumann

Neodent is the #1 Leader in implants in Latin America. With the support of Straumann the global leader in implants, Neodent is becoming a solid choice for patients who want a quality implant at an affordable price. The Neodent implants are made in Brazil under the strict quality control standards Straumann has put in place.

Neodent Implant CM Drive

Neodent CM Drive Implant

Drive CM is especially indicated for obtaining high primary stability. Its conical shape and thread design make it work well for type III and IV bone, post-extraction sockets and immediate loading.

Treatment PesosUSD
CT Scan$2500 0-140
Neodent Implants
Surgical Placement$15000 $790
Abutment & Crown$15000 $790
Total Cost$32500$1580
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Neodent Implants
The prices shown here are for the Neodent CM Drive line of implants. The prices for the surgical placement of the implant and the abutment and crown are shown separately. For clarity, we’ve also shown what the total cost of the implant is. At Dentoamerica, the cost of your 3D Bone Scan will be credited toward your implant surgery. This is a value of approximately $125 to $200 dollars depending on the level of study that was required.

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