Dental Exam

The dental exam or as some people would refer to it “check-up” is is suitable for your annual exam, or for your first exam where you don’t believe you have a large number of problems. This will include taking x-rays and photos of your entire mouth to verify and check the current condition of your dental health.

This step is essential in establishing a baseline for any future work, and getting to know the overall health of your mouth.


Intraoral Photos

During the dental examination we take a set of photos of various angles of your teeth. These are used to help explain the conditions present, and help make decisions with treatment plans.

These photos can be provided to you or your dentist back home in case we need to cooperate on some projects, or provide information for insurance claims etc.



Xrays are taken of each area to check for cavities, or periodontal conditions with the teeth. These images can be saved and shared as simple “.jpg” images so that you can keep your information in your own records, or share them with your dentist or insurance company when needed.

Periodontal Evaluation

If periodontal health is a factor, we will recommend this examination be performed in order to specifically analyze your bone, and gums. The “peri” meaning “around” combined with “dontal” indicates the area around your teeth. When there are significant recessions, periodontal disease, or other important conditions present it’s vital to give priority to the periodontal health of your teeth prior to concerns over cosmetic, or even functional aspects of the teeth.

Specialist Consultation

Some situations call for a specialist consultation either for planning, or simply for discussing your situation in detail, and getting some clarity. We offer consultations and of course services in the following specialties: Implants, Periodontics, Root Canals, Orthodontics, and Oral Surgery. Your specialist will help you choose the right course of action for your situation.

Pricing Information

This table outlines the pricing for the treatment options mentioned above.