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Please use the calendar to help us find the spot that’s ideal for you. The dates and time on the calendar are for planning purposes only. We will confirm, and adjust your times depending on the treatment type needed, and actual details of your appointment. See below the calendar for some information about the seasons and when it may be best to plan for your work.

Important If you notice that dates are not shown as available, it’s usually because we are very booked for those dates. During the season between October, and April, it’s quite common that patients have booked appts as much as 4 or 5 months in advance, and in some weeks, filled the schedule. If you don’t see anything available, but wish to check with us anyway, you can email us at and let us know what your needs may be.

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High Season October-April
These months are typically our very busy season. Patients have traditionally booked appointments long in advance, and filled up the schedule weeks and months before the dates arrive. During this time of year, it’s not uncommon to have days where we work long hours, and attend from 60-85 patients per day.

Mid Season May-June
After the high season ends, there tends to be a period where things stay very busy until the summer heat and humidity settle in full force. The lead time needed for appointments is typically a little less in May and June, and large restoration projects are ideal for these months as more time can be concentrated directly on individual patient needs.

Low Season July-September
Generally with the summer months there is less demand, and more appointment slots available even on short notice. While we all rotate through vacation times through the summer, the clinic never closes and this is an excellent time to plan larger restoration treatments as appointment times are more flexible.

December 23/24 to Jan 1st
Typically this is a time of year when the suppliers, and laboratories are closed for the holiday break. It has proven difficult in years past to be able to complete work during this span, and many patients have actually cancelled last minute because “it’s Xmas” despite having booked long in advance. We’ve decided to also remain closed for these days during the holidays, and allow the dentists, assistants, and administration staff to recharge their batteries a bit and be ready for the ultra high season that begins in January.

Stat Holidays
Mexico has it’s share of “dias festivos” as many of you know. When these days fall on Mondays or Fridays during the high season, we remain open to serve you. On days when it’s an mandatory closure (like Xmas, New Years, Easter etc) we will allow the staff to be with their families during these designated days off.