All on 4 Implant System

All on 4 Implant Systems

The “All on 4” implant system was invented and patented by Nobel Implants. This solution is an option for patients who already have a denture, or have failing teeth, and are looking for an option to standard dentures. The “All on 4” implant system is also ideal for patients who have limited options because of bone loss in key areas such as around the sinuses, or in the lower jaw where bone erosion has left the depth of bone in the molar regions sparse, and too shallow for conventional implant solutions. Before choosing this solution for you, planning should be done to determine if it’s truly the best option, or if another option with fixed implants and bridges, or another solution would be better.

Fixed Arch Denture
The “All on 4” Implant system you see here in the image is a special type of denture that is fixed on 4 strategically placed implants. Generally the main procedure is performed all in one day with some prior planning, and fabrication of the first denture. Where possible, Dentoamerica has developed timelines that can spread out the surgical procedures a little, and provide an increased level of comfort and transition.

After the initial healing denture has been in place for about 5 or 6 months, we have some options for the final denture which could include a high strength metal arch structure like titanium or sintermetal. Over this we normally use beautiful multi-layered resin teeth that look very lifelike. There are also other options that can be considered on a case by case basis.

With the genuine All on 4 implant denture we provide you with 100% authentic Nobel Biocare implants and attachment fixtures. (no “clones”, and no cutting corners with imitation brands)

Watch this video by Nobel Biocare

This short video demonstrates how the procedure can be performed. It’s important to observe that prior to opting for this treatment plan, that the conditions are right for it. Bone condition, overall height loss through bone and gum recession, and sufficient bone presence where we need it are the key factors. We can determine these factors by taking a 3D Scan, and perform an analysis. (read more below)

There are some imitation treatments like these on the market, however, none compare to the quality and design of Nobel Biocare. If comparing prices, take into account that it’s much like comparing “apples to oranges” as the expression goes. For official information on this treatment, follow this link:

Proper Case Planning
Prior to performing this procedure, it’s critical to be able to perform a high definition scan of the areas where the implants will go. Once this is completed, and only then, proper planning can be performed. If you decide to proceed with the treatment, the price of the 3D Xrays (CT Scans) will be credited towards the treatment costs.** We have been trained and certified in radiation safety, and employ the use of the most advanced 3D equipment available right here in the clinic.

** Although it seems obvious, we should clarify that the 3D Scan becomes a credit only if both are performed at Dentoamerica.

Treatment USD
Nobel All on 4
3D Scan with Implants0-140
Nobel All on 4 Surgical Phase$7500
All on 4 Final Arch$4500
This treatment is currently on special until Dec 31 2021. To reserve this special price, contact us for details.
Nobel All on 4 Surgical Phase$6500
All on 4 Final Arch$3950
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All on 4 Implant System Pricing
The prices shown are for the two phases of the process. In the first phase usually the surgical placement of the implants takes place, and the first denture is fitted while waiting for the next phase. Click the operation titles for more information.

Only Genuine Nobel Implants, abutments, and fasteners! It is important to mention that this procedure is performed with all authentic Nobel Authorized implants and attachments. In efforts to provide lower pricing on this treatment, some dentists in Puerto Vallarta are offering clone parts or alternate brands. While this can be acceptable, it’s important to note that alternative brands to reduce costs should not be directly compared to the authentic “All on 4” system.