3D Xray Special Offer

3D/CT Scan Special Offer

We can take a large variety of 3D images for surgical planning. For implants, it is an absolute must before inserting the implant that this be done. A 3D image is also very useful for preparing for the removal of impacted wisdom teeth or other surgical situations.

3D Implant Planning

3D/CT Scan Special
Regular price on a 3D CT Scan is normally 2500 to 3500 pesos. That’s roughly 170 USD or about 215 CDN. We’ve got the highest quality 3D imaging system available, and yet because of our volume we’re able to offer this special to you at a ridiculous price of only $50 Dollars. What’s more? If you’re performing 2 or more implants with us, the 3D/CT Scan will be on us!