Root Canals

Root Canal Therapy – by Specialist

A root canal is a procedure we would likely all probably like to avoid, however, when it’s necessary it’s also true that you want to have someone trained to do it. A specialist for root canals is called an endodontist and if you need to have this treatment performed, it’s best to have it done by a dentist who has also been trained in this special area.

To improve the situation even more, we have invested in having the most advanced equipment possible in this field. We are the only clinic in Puerto Vallarta equipped with both digital, and microscopic equipment to perform root canals with the highest precision possible. It’s a micro surgery, and having the equipment to be able to see at a microscopic level, is an advantage that can make the difference between keeping, and losing a tooth.

Treatment Pricing
Treatment PesosUSD
Standard Root Canal $4750 $270
Root Canal Pre/Molar $5100 $290
Root Canal (Infected) $6300 $360
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Visa, Mastercard, Debit cards+, & Transfers
Dollars (US & CDN*)
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*CDN exchange rate based on local bank rates
+ those that have the right designations
Standard Root Canal
This includes the root canal treatment for a standard root canal. When there’s no infection, or complications to consider, it’s pretty straightforward.

Premolars and Molars
Usually a molar has 3 or 4 roots and as such requires more time than a standard root canal on a front tooth. Although it may have 3 times the number of roots, we only add on a small amount to compensate for the extra time and material.

In situations when the tooth may have infection, it will usually require two appointments to properly perform the therapy. Note that if your situation is an infected tooth, and also a molar, only the add on for complex will apply.

Included in the Treatment
All x rays, and materials are included in the root canal treatment with the specialist.

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