Our team of Dentists in Puerto Vallarta is your best option for quality dental care. We are located right on the main highway right outside Nuevo Vallarta inside the Lago Real Shopping Center. (Often referred to as Walmart in Nuevo Vallarta). Arriving from Puerto Vallarta, or Bucerias is easy as we are right on the main highway.
Quality is the number 1 priority with each dentist on our team. Our equipment is modern, and we practice modern sterilization techniques. We understand what you are looking for in the way of dental treatment. The experience we offer is unique, and we invite you to find out what it's like to not only be a patient, but join the Dentoamerica family of friends.
English is spoken fluently, so you can feel comfortable knowing we will understand completely your concerns, worries, or doubts. This is important when it comes to describing your needs, and desires. It's also important when explaining procedures that may involve serious decision making.
We would be pleased to call you at our expense. Send us an email at info@dentoamerica.com, or use the USA/Canada number on our contact page and I will happily return the call.
If you are staying at a local hotel, or condo near us, and require assistance with pickup for your visit to the dentist, let us know. We can arrange to pick you up for your first visit, and take the stress out of being late or lost on your way.