Tratamiento de Niños

Con dentistas que tratan los niños con paciencia y cariño

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Clean & Modern Facilities

Operatories are well equipped for digital X-rays, photos, and diagnostics.

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Un Equipo Completo

Nuestro equipo con otro paciente feliz

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Professional Service

We appreciate your individual needs and preferences in all aspects of your treatment.

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Advanced Diagnostics

Panoramic and CT-Scan in 3D
Highest quality images available

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our focus on customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our practice.

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Quality Dental Service - Affordable Pricing

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We specialize in bringing you the best quality service in Puerto Vallarta at affordable prices.
Are you looking for a dentist in Puerto Vallarta, or Nuevo Vallarta? Our team of dentists, and specialists is well equipped to handle everything from the simple check-up and cleaning through to crowns, bridges, complex surgeries, and implant solutions. We pride ourselves in bringing you the best personal attention, and commitment to quality is the goal of every dentist and specialist at Dentoamerica. We are sure you will feel 'at home' here as our equipment, and standards are modern and up to date.

We employ the latest technology from the very first step in the process which may be the clinical diagnostic to the preparation of precision milled zirconia crowns, high quality Emax crowns, and Gold Crowns. With respect to materials, our focus on buying only the best materials for cosmetic and restorative work means you will receive the same quality cements, and bonding materials that are available in the USA and Canada.

As a patient of Dentoamerica, we promise to take a personal interest in your needs, and do what’s best for you. Our focus is on arranging for you to receive what is best for you, and logical from a long term perspective. Basing treatment plans on what makes sense both economically, and from an overall dental health point of view, we will help you reach your goals.

Our pricing is based on our local economy. This means that our price to tourists is the same as local residents. It’s our promise to be competitive, while not cutting corners on quality in any sense whatsoever. We’re confident that comparing apples to apples, you will not find better quality care anywhere in Puerto Vallarta, than you can at Dentoamerica.

  • With digital enhancing, we can diagnose conditions that were simply not possible with conventional plastic xrays.
  • High quality digital xrays enable us to pin-point the source of your troubles, and identify solutions without the guesswork.
  • Digital photos help us explain situations to you with images that make sense.

Digital Diagnostics

Our digital diagnostic system includes high definition cameras, and x-ray sensors that provide us with detailed information about your teeth.

Quality diagnostics begins with quality equipment. Low-dose digital xrays allow us more accurate diagnosis of even hard to detect issues. With 9 stations in total, we can even handle families and groups.

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About us

We are a family practice, in all senses of that expression. Kirk and Mireya founded the clinic together, and have steadily built the family of dentists and specialists since 2009

In 2014 we moved our clinic to Plaza Lago Real to improve our ability to bring you the best equipped, comfortable, and modern experience in Puerto Vallarta. Our aim will always be on the highest quality product we can deliver, at the fairest prices possible.

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Plaza Lago Real in Nuevo Vallarta

Office Hours:

Mon – Fri: 9am – 7pm
Sat: 10am – 3pm (6pm High Season)
Office: 322-297-8595
USA/CAN: 505-990-4380
Toll Free: 1-844-783-3682


Dentoamerica Advantages


To bring you the best quality workmanship, we continue to utilize the best laboratories in PV and use only the highest quality materials in house. Read more…


In every field of dentistry, we employ experienced professionals and specialists. Read more…


Our location inside the Plaza Lago Real means you are close to everything. There’s two banks, currently 6 Automated Teller Machines, a pharmacy, grocery shopping, clothing, and more…


We’re the only clinic in the entire Puerto Vallarta area where you can have your root canal performed by a specialist in micro-endodontics. The level of precision and efficiency when using a microscope results in an experience that is far more complete.


Digital x-ray sensors mean up to 80% less radiation! Our equipment is new and modern. We strive to keep ahead with advanced technology and equipment. This aids us to perform better diagnostics, also to be able to communicate them to you. Read more


Our pricing is very competitive, not only when you compare to Canada and USA, but also here in PV. Our regular prices on treatments including Crowns, Bridges, and Implants are consistently lower than the price you will pay at most other dentists in Puerto Vallarta. Why? Read more


English is the First Language for several of us here, and so when it comes to being able to communicate complex things, you can trust that we will be able to handle that for you. Read more


For some of the more serious things you may encounter, such as implants, impacted wisdom tooth extractions, or tumor surgeries, we have setup a dedicated surgical station where we only perform surgical operations. Our surgeon will take the fear out of even the most delicate situations. Read more


Our invoices are accepted by insurance companies across the United States and Canada. We’re registered with most Canadian insurers, and several US companies. Our familiarity with coding ensures you the maximum probability with claims reimbursement. Read more