Restorative solutions

Restorative Dentistry

Broken or missing teeth can be painful both physically, and emotionally. Our competent team of dentists will help you restore your smile through whatever procedures are required, all while saving more than 60% in most cases. Restorative dentistry may include fillings, crowns, and even implants. Depending on whether the level of damage is light, or heavy, we can formulate solutions for you. In the case of more extensive restoration projects, it’s critical that we are involved in the planning process. It’s of course one thing to be able to view some photos, and some xrays from a distance. However it’s completely different to be able to be looking at teeth from every angle, being able to measure pocket depths, and examine tissue health, and hardness of tooth enamel. We offer an extensive exam for situations like this which cost probably the same as a Family Large Pizza where you live.

Dental Restorations

When patients needs go beyond preventative dentistry, and maintenance and into restorative dentistry we’re here to help. Obviously the preferred situation is to avoid falling into a situation where a large quantity of work is needed. However, the busy lifestyles of today, lack of dental insurance, and the high costs of dental work in some areas causes us to “put off” having dental work done, and so naturally, problems can accumulate unexpectedly. How often one should need restorative dentistry is linked to the extent of the situation, and sometimes consequential damage that results from the failing of our individual teeth, and related bone and tissues.

Whether your situation involves minor, partial, or full restoration, our team of qualified dentists and specialists can help you navigate through the steps to recover and get your smile back. We respect the different economic abilities of each patient, and can offer solutions ranging from the economic to the best available depending on your preference.

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Dental Crowns


We’re dedicated on making your dental restorations the best they can possibly be. We offer a variety of crown and bridge types, and guarantee the quality of the crown or bridge for 2 full years.

Root Canals

Dentoamerica offers the only certified micro-endodontist in Puerto Vallarta. While this may not be easily understood, it’s important when it comes to saving a tooth when in a situation of infection, or deterioration from other root/nerve related issues.


Swiss made Nobel and Straumann implants are the highest quality of implants available. See our price match guarantee page for implants for more information.


Show off your pearly whites by removing years of stains caused by coffee, tea, smoking etc. We perform an extensive clean, polish, and whitening procedure that will leave you sparkling.