Quality Workmanship

Quality Workmanship

Everybody of course is going to say they work with quality and great materials. We’re willing to go even further and back it up with a Lifetime guarantee against defects. That’s something you will not find anywhere, not even in Canada or the USA. Why can we be so confident? We have vetted through material after material, importing things from the USA, Canada, England, Germany, Finland, and South America to find quality materials and equipment that work well, and stand the test of time. In addition to that, we have worked with many different laboratories here in Puerto Vallarta and through the same process, sorted out who is the best for your work. In the beginning it was not easy, some laboratories simply would not work to a standard that is acceptable. Sticking to old design philosophies, or simply not adhering to a high standard of quality in the finished product. We’ve established a special relationship with one laboratory in particular who has the dedication to quality that matches our own, and is also able to work with our volumes.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty
The treatments we offer the limited lifetime warranty are on crowns, bridges, and implants. For other treatments and services we offer a very lengthy warranty however within the life expectancy of the actual treatment or appliance. For full details our warranty certificate that we give to you on completion of the work has the terms and obligations of both parties.

Crowns, Bridges, Implants – 100% Warranty (2 years) – 50% afterwards for lifetime*
Fillings, Dentures, Removable Appliances – 100% Warranty (2 Years) – 50% up to 5 years++

*See full terms for more details of coverage. ++ Some situations will have different life expectancy. For example, a filling done temporarily with the intent that the patient will be doing a crown within a given period of time is meant to be temporary, much like flippers, or temporary dentures while waiting for implant healing etc.

What is not Covered

Naturally there has to be a list of things that aren’t covered right? In this modern world, absolutely. Here’s a few examples of things that we would of course not consider for warranty.

Treatments performed instead of following a proper course recommended by the dentist.

“Rescue Situations” where there is already a problem with a significant amount of damage. When attempting to just prolong the life of a tooth because of severe damage, this would not be considered for the lifetime warranty.

Damage due to neglect, which includes decay and damage caused by poor hygiene, lack of maintenance which would include regular checkup and cleaning.

This is just a brief list, full details are available on the written guarantee.