Gold Crowns

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a treatment that restores a damaged tooth as close as possible to it’s original appearance and function. There are many types of dental crowns, made of a wide variety of materials. For example, there’s gold, PFM, EMAX and Zirconia crowns. Each crown type has it’s properties, and advantages in certain situations. We will try to spell out the differences and help you decide what may be best for you.

Gold Crown

Gold Crowns
Gold Crowns are an excellent option for your dental restoration. When comparing any type of material to another, of course there are pros and cons that the patient needs to weigh. With Gold, advantages include longevity and strength, good biocompatibility, minimal wear to opposing teeth, and superior fit. Another benefit of a gold crown if it’s suitable for the tooth you are thinking of putting a crown on, is that you have to perform less “trimming” of the tooth to prepare for this type of crown. In cases where most of the tooth is still present, this is a huge advantage as it helps to avoid the need for a root canal. While the difference is pretty minimal, about 0.5mm in most cases, still, it’s an advantage.

Included in the disadvantages are time needed, and cost. A gold crown will typically take a bit longer to make, and while we keep gold in stock so there’s no waiting for it to be ordered, the time needed for the production of a gold crown is usually about 7 business days. The cost factor is one that usually steers people away from gold. Normally gold is considered on molars, and being a bit larger than anterior teeth, a few grams of gold are going to be needed to cover up that tooth. The cost of the gold in making the crown is calculated by the number of grams needed for production. In some cases, the gold cost alone can be as much as 300-400 dollars. This cost is added, without markup, to the regular cost of the crown procedures.


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Root Canals

Dentoamerica offers the only certified micro-endodontist in Puerto Vallarta. While this may not be easily understood, it’s important when it comes to saving a tooth when in a situation of infection, or deterioration from other root/nerve related issues.

Dental Crowns


We’re dedicated on making your dental restorations the best they can possibly be. We offer a variety of crown and bridge types, and guarantee the quality of the crown or bridge for 2 full years.