Nobel Implants

Finding dental implants in Puerto Vallarta may be easy. Finding a place with an experienced surgeon with the right credentials and a wide selection of implant options is not. The Nobel Active implant from Nobel Biocare is a “unique implant designed for high primary stability and esthetic excellence”. Nobel continually pioneers new technologies, and continually makes advancements and improvements that translate directly into patient benefits. Our relationship with Nobel allows us to provide Nobel Active, and Nobel Replace implants at a very attractive price we think you will appreciate.

Here is some information to help you understand a little more about Nobel dental implants.

Nobel Active
The Nobel Active Implant by Nobel Biocare works in a special way to actually cut it’s own path while being located. Nobel Active implants are ideal for situations where an implant needs to be place post-extraction. Of course the post extraction site needs to be adequate for the placement of the implant.

For the All-On-4 system we also look to employ the use of the Nobel Active implant because of the usual situation of multi-extraction combined with multi-placement of implant strategy.

Nobel Replace
The Nobel Replace Implant by Nobel Biocare and the original tapered implant Replace Select mimic the shape of a natural tooth root. They are designed for high initial stability in all loading protocols.


The highest quality implants available at prices you can afford. We offer top brands such as Nobel (USA) and Straumann (Swiss Made) as well as several economic options. See our price match guarantee page for implants for more information.

Dental Diagnostics

Accurate Diagnostics

From the basics of a photo, or simple xray to the more advanced 3-Dimensional xrays, we’ve got your diagnosis covered. Prior to making a treatment plan, it’s important to have accurate diagnosis.

Restoration Work

We’re dedicated on making your dental restorations the best they can possibly be. We offer a variety of crown and bridge types, and guarantee the quality of the crown or bridge for 2 full years.

Root Canals

Dentoamerica offers the only certified micro-endodontist in Puerto Vallarta. While this may not be easily understood, it’s important when it comes to rescuing a tooth when in a situation of infection, or deterioration from other root related situations.