Bus Stops

Bus Stops at Plaza Lago Real
For those who like to ride the bus and experience even a little more of our local culture, the ATM line has two stops at the Shopping Center. One is on the southbound side of the highway, and one on the northbound side. See below the map for some tips on which buses to ride.

Tips on Which Buses to Ride
Please check these tips to plan which bus may be the best for you to ride depending on which direction you’re coming from. If you’re coming from the south (red label), the stop is right in front of the mall by a bank called “Santander”. When coming from the north, or at least stopping on the southbound side of the highway (yellow label), you can use the cross-walk at the intersection and enter the Mall at the WalMart end of the mall.

From Bucerias, Punta de Mita, or Sayulita
When coming from the north which could include any of the hotels in Bucerias, Punta de Mita (including the Palladium) or from Sayulita you just need to get on any ATM bus that is going to Puerto Vallarta. They all will follow the same route along the highway, and you can ring the bell/buzzer when you get past the intersection in Mezcales, and drop down onto the lateral that is in front of the plaza.

From Nuevo Vallarta
Depending on where your hotel is in Nuevo Vallarta, you could take the bus that is labelled “RIU” on the windshield. This bus will travel through Nuevo Vallarta all the way to the north end where the RIU hotels are. Then it comes out to the highway by the neighborhood known as “Flamingos” and begins its trip south to Puerto Vallarta. When it comes through Mezcales, and stops in front of the Plaza (down on the lateral) you can get out here.

From Puerto Vallarta
When coming from the south, which is any point in Puerto Vallarta, the bus will stop right in front of a restaurant called Cevicheria and Mama Mia Pizza where you see the red bus stop label. You can get out here and just cross the parking lot. I will post some more maps soon of where the best places to catch this bus are in Puerto Vallarta so that you only have to ride one bus, or at the most two. The busses to take to get to this spot will be busses that have displayed on the windshield “Bucerias” “Pta Mita” “Mezcales” or “San Jose” “San Juan”