Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening holds a huge advantage over the home whitening kits. Often referred to as “Zoom” whitening, the type of whitening treatment we can offer you will brighten your smile several shades in about an hour. If you haven’t had your teeth cleaned and polished in the last couple weeks, then add a cleaning and polish before doing the whitening, and the results can be especially dramatic.

Treatment Pricing
Treatment PesosUSD
Regular Prices
Teeth Whitening $2000 $110
Cleaning $600 $35
Whitening Promotion $2000 $120
Whitening (no cleaning) $2000 $110
White Ice $890 $50
We accept the following payment forms:
Visa, Mastercard, Debit cards+, & Transfers
Dollars (US & CDN*)
10% off for cash in Pesos
More info...

*CDN exchange rate based on local bank rates
+ those that have the right designations

Whitening Promotion

Between July 1 and August 31 we’re offering our professional tooth whitening service for only $120 US Dollars, or $2000 Pesos* This includes 2 sessions (same day) of 20 minutes each using our whitening product exclusive to Dentoamerica. It also includes a cleaning and polish prior to the whitening. The results are much better when the teeth are properly cleaned, and free of plaque and tartar.

If you’ve already performed your cleaning within 1 week of the appointment, we can perform the whitening only, promotional price will be $95 USD or 1700 pesos*
*Cash prices for this promotion.

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