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Treatment Pricing

Here is a list of some of the common treatments and services. The price shown is in US Dollars for simplicity. We do accept virtually all forms of payment, and there is a 10% dicsount for payments in cash for pesos. Conversion rates can fluctuate, but typically we haven’t seen much change over the years with respect to the US Dollar. Forms of payment accepted include MXN Pesos, Visa, Mastercard, US Dollars, and Canadian Dollars.

Treatment Pricing
Treatment PesosUSD
Dental Exam $500 $30
Cleaning $600 $35
Teeth Whitening $2000 $110
Zirconia Crown $7000 $375
PFM Crown $5350 $285
Composite Filling (1 Surface) $830 $45
Composite Filling (2 Surfaces) $890 $50
Composite Filling (3 Surfaces) $1235 $65
Root Canals
Standard Root Canal $4750 $270
Root Canal Pre/Molar $5100 $290
Root Canal (Infected) $6300 $360
Standard Plus/Bone Level $19000 $950
Implant Abutment/Crown $17000 $850
3D - Tomography $3500 $195
We accept the following payment forms:
Visa, Mastercard, Debit cards+, & Transfers
Dollars (US & CDN*)
10% off for cash in Pesos
More info...

*CDN exchange rate based on local bank rates
+ those that have the right designations

We want to be very up front and simple with our pricing, so if you feel that anything is confusing, please let me know and I will work to make it easier to understand.

Click on any of the items in the list to see an expanded summary of that treatment/category. We’re adding details continually to the information here, and you may see new details in the weeks to come as we continue to expand on the coverage.

More Pricing
To see pricing for categories, you can click or select the category and expanded information within that category will be shown. IF there are several articles on that subject, there may be several posts of information. Generally, the links within the pricing table here will lead you to expanded pricing for the category, or if a specific treatment is selected, it will be expanded info on that treatment alone.

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