• With digital enhancing, we can diagnose conditions that were simply not possible with conventional plastic xrays.
  • High quality digital xrays enable us to pin-point the source of your troubles, and identify solutions without the guesswork.
  • Digital photos help us explain situations to you with images that make sense.

Digital Diagnostics

We have replaced the old technology of plastic film xrays with high quality digital xrays and photos. They are instant, and low-dose radiation. Not only do these digital xrays provide a much safer environment for all of us, they assist us with much more information than you could get from a tiny little film with low resolution. The xrays are now available in high-definition, which can help us in the diagnostics of difficult to find problems.

In addition to the Xrays, you will benefit from the ability to see the situations with an Intra Oral high-definition camera. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and never is that more true than when we’re trying to explain a situation with something hidden way in the back of your mouth. With a photo, and the expertise of your dentist, the conditions and treatments can be much easier explained.

We offer a Diagnostic Exam, some people refer to as a checkup, at a very reasonable price. The exam is performed by a licensed dentist who will take a full set of Xrays, and Photos. The results will be recorded permanently in our system, and we will explain the results to you in person. Any decisions you would like to make regarding treatments will now be based on a full understanding of the situation. Should you require the Xrays, or photos for insurance purposes, they are in an easy to read format that can be emailed, burned to memory stick, disk, or even sent directly to your dentist back home.