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Consultations and Diagnostics

For your annual checkup, or a diagnostic exam, it is completed by an actual dentist rather than an assistant. It will include intra-oral photos, and digital x-rays. The images are explained to you, and your treatment plan discussed in detail.

The advantages of having your X-Rays taken digitally instead of the previous plastic film method are many, the most important of which is that there is much less radiation. We have performed our own studies on the levels of radiation produced by the digital x ray equipment, and find that the measured radiation is a great deal less than traditional equipment. Add that to the fact that we no longer have to use toxic chemicals to develop xrays, and there is also a green factor involved.

The images are much larger, and clearer. And they are instant, which allows us to provide a much better diagnostic when it comes to figuring out what the problem may be, and what solution can be performed.

Digital X-Rays

In the slideshow example of an Xray taken digitally (reduced in size here on the webpage) it's a large enough image to be able to find cavities, or issues with crowns, or fillings. We can take an entire series of X-Rays in just a few minutes compared with the old methods of taking plastic film x-rays, and having to wait for them to develop.

HD Intra Oral Photos

Aside from the use of digital XRays in dental diagnosits, we also employ the use of quality intra-oral cameras. These allow us to demonstrate visually to the patient rather than use only the Xray, or attempt to explain with a multitude of words. As it's sometimes said "A picture is worth a thousand words." The same is true when you're trying to explain where a cavity is, whether it's something that can be left in observation, or something that needs repair.

Future Uses

The diagnostic information is compatible with the same software that is used by the dentists in Canada, or United States. We are happy to share the information in cases where there is continued care required back home. If you should return to Puerto Vallarta to see your dentist in the future, your previous exams will be present, and available for comparison when we do follow up exams. And finally, if you should need the information for insurance claims, or compensation reports, we have the ability to send them to you, or save them to a disk/memory for your personal use.

Treatment Pricing
Treatment USD
Consultation $15
Dental Exam $30
10% off for payments in cash (pesos or dollars)
Payments are accepted in Pesos, Dollars (US & CDN)
Credit/Debit cards, transfers, and paypal.
Explain Pricing & Exchange Rates

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