Treatment Examples

Here are a few image galleries that demonstrate some of our treatment examples.

To see the images within the albums, first click on the small image to the left, then when the album opens, click on the first image.

Composite Bonding

Here are some images of cosmetic bonding, or "resinas" as they are referred to in Spanish.


Whitening can have some dramatic results. We employ various methods depending on the situation, and preferences of the patient to achieve the best results possible.


This gallery is for images of the different crown types, and before/after comparisons. Depending on your device, you should be able to launch a slide show by clicking on the first image.

PFM Crowns

PFM Crown Gallery. PFM stands for porcelain fused to metal. These were the standard crown type for many years. It can be a little more economical than the Zirconia, and EMAX crowns, however the time required usually is a little bit more.