Welcome to Dentoamerica

When your looking for a dentist in Puerto Vallarta, all the important factors you look for at home whether it be in Canada, or the United States are just as important, if not more-so, when you’re looking for a dentist in another country. Over the years we have paid attention to our customers, and responded by creating an environment where you will feel at home. The surroundings are clean, safe, and professional. We’ve kept the design simple, yet modern with the equipment and surroundings, so you won’t feel like you had to sacrifice something while venturing to Mexico, and specifically Puerto Vallarta for your dental work.

Safety and Hygiene

Our area is very safe, and we are right inside the largest and most active shopping center in Nuevo Vallarta, Plaza Lago Real. Cleanliness, and hygiene is very important to us, as we know it is to you. That’s why we adhere to a high standard of hospital grade Autoclave procedures. All instruments used are disinfected, and individually pouch sealed and autoclave sterilized for your protection.

Training and Specialists

All of our Dentists are fully licensed Dentists, or specialists in their field. In the fields of endodontics, and implants, we are proud to say we have the highest level of professionals in the entire Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, and Bucerias area. We take your dental health seriously, and feel it makes sense to invest properly in all parts of your experience. We are able to maintain fair pricing, and are dedicated to make sure it stays that way. In certain areas of Puerto Vallarta, the market is a bit “captive” and as such, may be willing to pay as much as 50% more than a fair price for any given service. We’ve worked hard to make sure the proper balance of quality, and price, creates the best value for you.

Quality Laboratory Work

When it comes to laboratory work, we do not cut corners, or pinch pennies. In this aspect we have determined to use the highest quality lab work available. There are a large number of laboratories both here, and in nearby cities where dentists can send the work to be done, but few are true artisans of their profession. Along with our patients, we’ve been completely satisfied by the creativity, and quality of the laboratory technicians and their high level of performance, and we feel you will be too.

In House Laboratory

Dentoamerica has now become the first, and only clinic in Puerto Vallarta to have laboratory level crown and bridge milling equipment in-house. This is not the small chair-side type machine that you may have seen on TV, or in some offices, but rather, a full size, laboratory quality milling system. The process includes proper baking procedures so that your crown is perfect, and will last a long time. All of this allows us to provide our crowns and bridges below what you would expect to pay at any other Dentist in Puerto Vallarta.

Equipment & Technology

Keeping up to date with equipment that is capable of accurate diagnosis, and efficient performance has been at the roots of our clinic right from the beginning. Whether it’s considering simple xrays, and photos for diagnostics, or using microscope technology to perform root canals, we endeavor to provide you with modern, clean, and up to date equipment and practices.