Clinic Location

Our clinic is located inside the shopping center called “Plaza Lago Real” which is often referred to as Walmart in Nuevo Vallarta. Being the largest shopping center on the north side it is pretty easy to find.

  • If you are coming from Puerto Vallarta, once you have entered the Nuevo Vallarta zone, look for the WalMart on the right side of the highway.
  • If you were coming by bus (ATM bus lines from downtown) the bus stop is on the lateral road beside the highway. There are steps down into the parking lot, right in front of Walmart. If you enter one of those doors, then just go to the right past the food court, and down towards the theater.
  • If you’re driving, once you enter the parking lot, go to the right, or far end of the parking lot. You will pass a bank called “Santander”. Once you see a main entrance to the mall then find a place to park, there should be plenty, unless you’re arriving very late at night when the movies are playing. This mall entrance #3 says “La Surtidora” (department store) over the entrance. We’re inside this entrance, a few doors to the right on the way to the theater.

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