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Dental Vacation in the Riviera Nayarit… paradise actually!

My hubby and I love the Riviera Nayarit region of Mexico! We have been several times but this last trip had a much different twist. Like I told people, we’re going on a dental vacation.You didn’t know those two words could even be put in the same sentence, did you? Heck, up until a few days ago, a few of my girlfriends had no idea what the heck I was talking about, what so ever, after I sent a text, bidding them a fond farewell. When I returned, they said, “What was that dental vacation all about.” They thought either my husband was a closet dentist or we were going to be working with dentists doing missions work! “NO! NO! NO!”, I said. “We had a bunch of dental work done while on vacation.”

We get some very funny reactions that’s for sure. People’s image of a Mexican dude sitting in some run down shack on the beach pulling teeth with pliers while enjoying shots of tequila, is no worse then them thinking we beer swigging Canadians skate down our streets, live in Igloos and wrestle grizzlies in our backyards.

I’d been hearing more and more about people going down to Mexico for dental work, especially from Alberta and BC. So, after we had the bomb dropped on us from our Canadian dentist about how much we were going to have to pay, for the dental work that was needed, we seriously had our sites set on a Mexican dental vacation. I began my research and starting reading about all the great work people were receiving down Mexico way. AND the best part, the same work, for only 1/3 of the cost here in Canada. Since we both work for ourselves we have no health benefits, so this was music to our ears.

All roads led us to DentoAmerica in Nuevo Vallarta, a buzzing practice, which in high season can see up to seven dentists working at any one time. Owned and operated by fellow Canadian Kirk and his lovely wife Mireya, who is a dentist herself, the brand new sparkling offices are beautiful and house state of the art equipment. The first email I sent, was quickly responded to, and that set the tone for a great overall experience. After a few emails with Kirk, I was feeling very confident that this was a great fit for us. Plus, I had read all the five star reviews and saw they were voted the most recommended, five years in a row.

http://www.dentoamerica.com/, Dental Vacation


http://www.dentoamerica.com/, Dental Vacation

To my best knowledge, considering our last dentist’s advice, we set up the work that needed to be done, time frames and pricing. I booked the flights, hotel, and we were ready to roll. Soon it would be crowns and root canals by day and sand and surf by night. Yikes!

After two nights of vacation, come Monday morning, we headed to DentoAmerica, which is easy to get to on the main highway by bus or taxi. They are located in the brand new Walmart mall, which was handy for shopping too! After being introduced to the staff, (friendly place) we began our dental part of the vacation. Gord and I both had root canals which were performed by a dentist who loves performing these and that is ALL he does. He is touted as one of the best. The next day, work began on the zirconia crowns, which were plentiful. Six in all. Plus, I had two fillings and one chipped tooth filed. Oh and there were cleanings and digital photographs and x-rays too. Over the two week period, there were some tough long hours in the chair, but also five days off in-between. Kirk had suggested we spread things out and that was very wise, especially since I was the one with the five crowns!!

http://www.dentoamerica.com/, dental vacation

Depending on the office and materials used, the work we had done would have cost us upwards of at least $15,000.00+ here in Canada. DentoAmerica – $3,200!!!

They take credit cards, bank transfers and if you pay in cash they even give a 10% discount. We took full advantage of that. The savings were phenomenal, and the work was excellent. We were very pleased with the care of the dentists and staff and the warm and personable owners. Overall, we had an excellent experience venturing into this uncharted territory.

If you have had any misgivings about a ‘dental vacation” I hope you don’t anymore. We were able to have a great two weeks in Mexico , save a ton of money, and have an excellent dental experience. Sheesh – did I just write that?

Mexico Dental Vacation

Check them out and have a great dental vacation!! http://www.dentoamerica.com/

Mexico Dental Vacation

Thank you to our guest blogger, Kelita Haverland! Who knew that Dental and Vacation could be used in the same sentence!!

Kelita Haverland is a five time Juno nominee singer/songwriter, speaker, writer and comedienne, from Vancouver Canada. www.kelita.com

Cindy’s PS: If you’ve had a good experience with a dentist in the Vallarta area, please email me your story at *protected email* and I’ll add it here so we can provide many options for those thinking of combining… dare I say it “A vacation in paradise with a dental procedure”. Thanks!

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“I can’t say enough about Dentoamerica! I booked an all-inclusive around my appointments at the Clinic. From the moment I walked through the door, until my last appointment, the experience was far beyond my expectations. The facility was spotless, state of the art, and very well run.

Kirk does a fantastic job of working with both patients and the dental team. After researching cost in B.C., I estimated that my cost here would have been in the area of $1500.00 – $2000.00.

At the end of my sessions, not only was I discouraged from having any extras done, but educated on what’s necessary and what wasn’t in my best interests. Imagine that!!

Anyways my final invoice for 4 fillings, root planing, ultra-sonic deep cleaning, and diagnostics totaled $420.00 CDN. Kirk and company, I’ve already sent you my first referral! Keep up that great work, and just know that your integrity, talent and team is first rate in my books!

I chose this clinic after hearing from many local people, and researching extensively online. I learned an enormous amount about out of Country medical and dental treatments, and now understand that once your research is done, trust your instincts! Referrals are a critical part of the process. Dentoamerica had no shortage of them!”

Patricia - from Canada, Reviewed June 27th 2015
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We came down to Vallarta in January 2014 and had two root canals done. We were very impressed with the whole process. My husband and I decided to come down again during June 2014 to have some major work done. I had two bridges replaced and several other new crowns, a total of 15 crowns and one root canal. The results were just amazing. I could not have been any happier. The staff was just amazing. The new office and equipment is 100% first class. As nice or nicer than any dentist office in the United States. Kirk, who is the office manager did an amazing job assisting us through the whole process.

The cost in the U.S. could have easily have been close to $25,000 and we paid about $5,400.If you want some more information from an unbiased client feel free to email me at my husband’s email address *protected email*

If you decide to come here you will not be disappointed.

Craig Zeisler,

I was seen in late March for a dental appointment in the U.S. and I was told I had more than one problem area in my mouth that needed immediate attention, and I was referred to an orthodontist. He confirmed the general dentist’s opinion and said I needed gum scaling, an implant, crown, and I had a complicated wisdom tooth extraction that would involve bone grafting and losing a healthy tooth below the wisdom tooth, a casualty of the wisdom tooth extraction. Then I was told the cost would be $14,000 plus to do, payable up front, and as soon as possible. I am a registered nurse. I began two months of intensive research into dental care outside the U.S. I found DentoAmerica and began hammering the founder of the clinic with weeks of questions, which he answered with infinite patience. I flew out and had the work done in June, returned home with my healthy tooth (below the wisdom tooth) intact, and I needed no bone grafting. The amazingly skilled doctor in PV did the alleged complicated extraction in less than five minutes saving the tooth below, the need for grafting, an anesthesiologist, and saved me much post-op discomfort and money. The labs this clinic uses is equal to the labs we have and I believe the sterility/cleanliness of this clinic may have exceeded those at home. The cost, including my travel for me and my husband, surgery, food, accommodations — LESS than 1/4 of what I was quoted at home, and my husband had work done also. I hope I can alleviate any anxiety regarding using this clinic. Outstanding team, quality of care and materials. Thank you, Kirk and your staff, for making taking care of my teeth an affordable option.

Sharon W,