3D Xrays – CT-Scans

A CT Scan Xray or 3D Xray has the images in both three dimensions, and also in special views that allow you to virtually cut apart the teeth for diagnosis. This is viewed in a special program that allows viewing the teeth, or area of interest from all sides including rotation. With this advanced technology now available in Puerto Vallarta, right inside the clinic, we are able to diagnose conditions and situations previously not possible. The definition of these images is incredible.

You can view the video in fullscreen mode for a larger view of the detail. In this video we have only tried to show how the images can be moved, and sliced for deeper view. The program is much more advanced than can be shown in even a few short videos.

Axial View – 3D Xray

Axial view - 3D Xray

With this 3D Xray axial view, we slice the teeth horizontally into micro-views. Using this technique we virtually travel through the tooth from top to bottom. Subsequently we are able to view exactly where the nerve canals are. Additionally we identify where abscesses or cysts may be, and the exact position of the roots.

Coronal View

Coronal View

Using the coronal view we can view the tooth as if we’re on the same horizontal plane as the tooth. The software lets us rotate the view of the image how we wish to be able to see the tooth in vertical slices from all sides.

Sagittal View


The sagittal view allows us to view the teeth in a slice as if it was in side view vertical slices. The sagittal axis (anterior-posterior axis) is the axis perpendicular to the coronal plane.

Adjustable Panoramic

Virtual Panoramic

This tool is important because we are able to create a panoramic view that is adjustable. In a static panoramic Xray the depth of field is fixed. However, with this view, we can adjust the exact point at which the panoramic arch presents. This is important because the upper and lower arches are at different depths in relation to one another. So depending on the area of concern, the ability to adjust to it is vital.

Implant Planning

implant planning

The ability to map the nerve canal, and virtually test fit implants contributes to the eventual success of the implant. Furthermore, we plan the exact position of the implant from the sense that it’s really the crown and direction of force that is of ultimate importance. As a result, being able to view this in 3D and rotate and check position provides a clear advantage over placing implants without a guide.

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